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Why Shop with TheSoftStreet?


More people than ever before in history are using the Web to shop for a wide variety of items, from houses to shoes to airplane tickets to software. The advantages of purchasing software online are


Incredible convenience: In comparison to a brick and mortar stores with fixed hours, online shoppers can choose any time of the day or night to get on the Web and shop for the products of their choice.


Save Time and Money: One of the advantages of shopping online is that there is no need to commute to your neighboring brick and mortar shop, so commuting time saved and no purchase of fuel necessary.


No pressure to buy: We've all been awkwardly propositioned by eager salespeople. You don't have to put up with that online.


When you shop with TheSoftStreet, you'll choose from the Industry’s leading names—the latest versions—and that too at great prices.


Our inventory consists of various computer components: motherboards, processors, hard drives, optical drives, cases, software's and more. You will find us stocking and offering emerging technologies too.


At the end of the day, we want to make sure the technology we offer works for our customers and we are committed to becoming the most loved and trusted marketplace on the web. We are pursuing these goals by offering an unmatched shopping experience, lightening fast delivery (digital and physical) and industry leading customer service.


Tech enthusiasts, e-shoppers and consumers all prefer the TheSoftStreet shop. Our web site at its heart has state-of-the-art decision-making resources such as exhaustive product descriptions, detailed product reviews and high resolution images. Our team of tech consultants is trained to help customers make informed decisions based on their needs.


We offer our customers complete peace of mind and believe after the product is delivered is when the `service` starts.

Customers can easily contact us through email, chat or on phone as per their convenience (Anytime of the day or night throughout the year). We are not satisfied with meeting our client’s expectations, we would like to exceed them every-time. Since 1981 Lester has served a wide variety of consumers, businesses, schools & universities and government agencies & contractors.